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Drake Music Scotland, established in 1997 are the nation’s leading national organisation providing music education opportunities for disabled people, and those with additional support needs, and were Scotland’s Charity of the year in 2019. Drake Music Scotland believes that everyone is able to participate actively in music and should have access to appropriate resources to enable them to do so. Working throughout Scotland, we aim to develop high quality provision through specialised expertise, training and the use of technologies and methodologies.

Our aims include:
•Being the lead organisation in our sector, demonstrating best practice and artistic excellence in all aspects of our work

• Supporting participants to have the highest degree of independence and control in their playing and follow a pathway towards achieving their musical aspirations

•Producing an artistic programme including performances, creative collaborative partnerships, progressive music learning opportunities and training

•A national role and presence through key partnerships with appropriate agencies developing UK-wide and international connections

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Emma Lines

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SPACE, 11 Harewood Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4NT

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